Sep 28, 2023 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ (​SIA​) now includes these updates to a location configuration:

  • Configure ASN exceptions to blocked unidentified locations. If you block DNS traffic from unidentified locations, you can configure autonomous system numbers (ASNs) that you want to allow. A new field is available at the top of the Locations page where you can list ASNs. To learn more about this feature, see Locations with unidentified IP addresses.
  • Apply a different policy to client traffic. The Override location policy for client menu in a location configuration is now available for ETP Client and Zero Trust Client traffic. This setting lets you select a policy that applies to client traffic only. This policy overrides the location policy. To learn more about this feature, see Traffic from Clients.
  • Protect DNS in Tunnels setting now generally available. You can now enable the Protect DNS in Tunnels setting in a location to protect DNS traffic that passes through an IPsec tunnel. This traffic is protected with the ​​SIA​​ policy that’s assigned to the location.