Jan 13, 2022 — Security Connector 2.7.5 and HTTP Forwarder beta

You can now configure Security Connector 2.7.5 as an in-network proxy that forwards web traffic to ​SIA​ Proxy. Depending on your network topology or requirements, you can set up HTTP Forwarder as an explicit or transparent proxy.

  • Explicit proxy. Configuration where enterprise devices forward web traffic to HTTP Forwarder. This mode requires that you configure HTTP Forwarder as the proxy on user devices. You can create a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file, or you can use your organization’s management tool to modify the device proxy settings.

  • Transparent proxy. Configuration where the router is set to forward web traffic to HTTP Forwarder. An administrator uses policy-based routing rules on their organization’s router to do so. Unlike the explicit proxy, the transparent proxy does not require that you modify settings on user devices.

HTTP Forwarder is currently in beta. Security Connector 2.7.5 also includes a number of bug fixes to DNS Forwarder. These updates are available when you upgrade or deploy version 2.7.5.