Oct 12, 2022 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ (​SIA​) now includes these updates:

  • New Tenant Viewer Role. When creating a tenant for multi-tenancy, you can now assign Control Center users to the tenant as a viewer. A tenant viewer can see reports and configuration settings only. While a tenant viewer can filter data in a report, they cannot modify any configuration setting in the tenant. For more information, see Multi-tenancy.

  • File Hash List CSV. You can now download a CSV file that contains all the hashes in a file hash block list or a file hash exception list.

  • Application Visibility and Control (AVC) improvement. When adding an application to a policy, the application operation is set with the same policy action as the application. Depending on the action of the application, the following applies:

    • If you select the block action, you cannot modify the action of the application operation.
    • If you select an action that is not block (for example, monitor, bypass, or allow), you can modify the action of the application operation.