Mar 9, 2022 — ETP updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ now includes these updates:

  • Sub-locations now generally available. You can now configure sub-locations for ​SIA​ locations. A sub-location can represent different virtual local area networks (VLANs) that are routed to the Internet with the same external NAT IP address as the parent location. This feature allows you to apply different policies to your sub-locations and in turn, define more granular access.

  • Custom Regular Expressions for DLP. For DLP, you can create patterns (dictionary items) with custom regular expressions (regexes). You can then add these patterns to DLP dictionaries.

  • Multi-Tenancy Updates. Super administrators can now have their tenants inherit these settings from their ​SIA​ configuration:

    • Error page settings
    • ​ETP Client​ configuration
    • ​SIA​ network configuration
  • File Hash Block and Exception Lists. You can now create block and exception lists based on file hashes. These lists allow you to block or bypass content based on the SHA-256 hash of a file.

  • Disable ​ETP Client​. From a policy, you can select to disable ​ETP Client​. This setting disables the client when users are in a location that’s using another method to direct traffic to ​SIA​.

  • AUP category added for CIPA. A new AUP category is now available that allows your organization to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

  • Reporting Updates. These updates apply:

    • For the HTTP Forwarder feature that’s currently in beta, new dimensions are now available in the Security Connector Activity report.
    • In the Threat Events and Access Events reports, the new Transport Type dimension indicates how DNS traffic was transported to ​SIA​.