Mar 8, 2023 — ETP Client capabilities now in Zero Trust Client (Limited Availability)

Zero Trust Client (ZTC) combines and improves upon the functionality of EAA Client and ​ETP Client​ to provide a one-stop solution where you can secure access to enterprise applications and protect your network from threats. This new client is in limited availability. ZTC will eventually replace ​ETP Client​. All future features and enhancements for ​ETP Client​ will be added to Zero Trust Client only.

With the ZTC 5.1.0 limited availability release, administrators can enable these new configuration settings:

  • Block QUIC. This setting blocks traffic that uses the QUIC protocol or HTTP/3. To access this setting, in the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Clients & Connectors > ​ETP Client​s​. Click the Configuration tab.
  • Stop Notifications for Blocked Requests. This setting stops operating system notifications that indicate when requests are blocked by the client. To enable this setting, contact Support or submit a case with Support.

These settings apply to ZTC when it’s set up for Threat Protection. For more information on ZTC, see the Zero Trust Client documentation. For the ZTC release notes, see the Release Notes.