Mar 22, 2022 — ETP policy updates

These enhancements to ​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ (​SIA​) policy are now generally available:

Prioritization of custom exception and block lists. If the domain, IP address, or URL found in a custom block or exception list is also found in ​Akamai​ Security lists, the Microsoft 365 list, or in an AUP and AVC configuration, the policy action associated with the custom exception or block list takes priority.

Updated handling of policy conflicts. In addition to prioritizing the policy action of a custom exception or block list, the following also applies:

  • If the same domain with different suffix lengths is specified in multiple custom lists (for example, in multiple block or exception lists) or in multiple ​SIA​ lists (for example, in multiple acceptable use policies), ​SIA​ enforces the policy action assigned to the longest address.

  • If the same domain, IP address, or URL is configured in multiple custom lists or in multiple ​SIA​ lists with conflicting policy actions, ​SIA​ selects the action based on this priority:

1. Bypass
2. Block
3. Monitor
4. Allow