Jun 9, 2023 — New Location settings now in beta

You can now enable and configure these settings for a location:

  • IKE ID as a Location Identifier. In addition to identifying a location by a static IP address or a dynamic host, you can now identify a location by the IKE ID. The IKE ID and its pre-shared key (PSK) are used to validate and secure communication between two hosts or network entities across an IPsec tunnel. The IKE ID consists of a custom prefix that you configure and a predefined suffix that includes your ​​SIA​​ configuration ID and the location ID.

    IKE ID as a location identifier is beneficial to organizations that:

    • Use dynamic IP addresses and cannot identify the dynamic host.
    • Would like to send traffic from one location to multiple tenants.

    No IP address or DNS host is required for this configuration. For more information on this location identifier, see About locations.

  • Protect DNS in Tunnels. You can now enable the Protect DNS in Tunnels setting in a location to protect DNS traffic that passes through an IPsec tunnel. This traffic is protected with the ​SIA​ policy that’s assigned to the location.

These settings are now in beta. To participate in the beta, contact your ​Akamai​ representative.