Jun 6, 2022 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ now includes these enhancements:

  • Use a hosted error page. You can now use a hosted error page instead of ​SIA​ error pages for blocked websites. From the Error Pages configuration page (Policies > Error Pages), you can enable this feature and provide the URL where your custom error page is hosted.

  • Error page updates. ​SIA​ Error pages now show the specific URL that was blocked.

  • New Connection Info page. A new Connection Info page contains the information you’ll need for setting up specific features in ​SIA​. This information includes DNS server IP addresses for setting up DNS forwarding, DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) domains for encrypting traffic with DoT or DoH, the proxy chaining hostname used in a proxy chaining configuration, the configuration ID you’ll need for the APIs and various implementations, and the IPsec domains needed for creating IPsec tunnels with your SD-WAN solution. To access this page, in the Threat Protection menu, select Clients & Connectors > Connection Info.

  • New Policy Type Menu. A Policy Type menu is available when creating a policy and in the policy settings. This menu replaces the Enable Proxy toggle. From this menu, you can select DNS to enable only DNS protection or DNS + Proxy to enable ​SIA​ Proxy, as well as DNS protection. When you select DNS + Proxy, the settings for the proxy are available.

  • Toggle for IP Intelligence. By default, ​SIA​ uses its intelligence to detect threats based on IP address. However, you can now disable this feature from a policy.

  • DoH Attribution field added to reports. The DoH Attribution field is now available in the Threat Events and DNS Activity reports. If you set up DoH, this is the ID that an administrator can configure for a user’s device.

  • Deep Scan Report Updates. Additional fields have been added to the Deep Scan Report.

  • Tenant Management field name changes. When creating a tenant, fields for copying your ​SIA​ settings to the tenant are now more clearly labeled.