July 14, 2022 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ now includes these updates:

  • New Local Bypass Settings page. The ​SIA​ Network Configuration page has been replaced with the new Local Bypass Settings page (Clients & Connectors > Local Bypass Settings). This page includes an improved design that lets you configure traffic you don’t want directed to ​SIA​ cloud. This page is also where you define:

    • The traffic you want users to access when ​ETP Client​ is an unprotected state.
    • Email domains that can receive one-time activation codes for ​ETP Client​.
  • Source IP Address Binding. In the Connection Info page (Clients & Connectors > Connection Info), you can now enable Source IP Address Binding to restrict the source IP address of traffic after it’s scanned by the proxy. ​SIA​ includes a list of CIDRs that can be used for the source IP address. You can use this list to define your firewall and control access to web services or applications. This feature will be activated later this month.

    For more information, see Source IP Address Binding.

  • Removed ​ETP Client​ Identity Reporting setting. ​ETP Client​ Identity Reporting is no longer available as an ​ETP Client​ configuration setting. The device name where ​ETP Client​ is installed is always reported to ​SIA​. Administrators can no longer disable this behavior.

  • Updated Proxy Credential Password Requirements. Passwords must now contain a minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters, as well as one uppercase and one lowercase letter.

  • Updated Filtering in Reports. New buttons are now available to add filter dimensions and view the report with the selected dimensions.

  • Minor UI Improvements. This update includes some minor user interface updates, including a new icon for adding a location.