Jul 10, 2023 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ now includes these updates:

  • Location page UI improvements. New settings are now available at the top of the Location page where you can:

    • Allow traffic from unidentified IP addresses. Like in previous releases, this traffic uses the Default policy.
    • Assign a policy to off-network clients.

    As a result of these new settings, the Unidentified IPs and Off Network ETP Clients locations are no longer listed as separate locations on the page.

  • New settings to manage Threat Protection in Zero Trust Client. The Manage and Download page now contains separate tabs that allow you to enable and configure services, as well as download and upgrade the client.

    • Configure Threat Protection. You can allow users to disable the Threat Protection service, log traffic, enable transparent traffic interception, set the client as a local web proxy, and more. Administrators no longer need to configure these settings on the ETP Client configuration page.

    • Activate managed and unmanaged devices. When Threat Protection is enabled, the new Activation tab contains:

      • The activation code for managed devices. You use this code in a device management solution to activate the client across your organization.
      • An interface that lets you generate activation codes for a user’s personal device. You can email activation codes, generate activation codes and distribute them offline, or let users request activation codes from email domains you authorize.

    To learn more, see Configure Threat Protection in the Zero Trust Client documentation.


Zero Trust Client replaces ETP Client and contains the latest threat protection features. ETP Client is supported for 15 months after its release. To download and set up Zero Trust Client, go to Client & Connectors > Manage & Download Clients.