Jan 23, 2023 — ETP Client 4.4.1 for Windows now available

​ETP Client​ 4.4.1 for Windows is now available for download or upgrade. This update includes fixes for these known issues:

  • Support for Modern Standby (S0). If Modern Standby (S0) was enabled on a Windows device, the desktop client did not function when the device entered sleep mode. This issue occurred, for example, when the screen went idle, the screen was turned off, the device was manually put to sleep, or the device had low power. This issue has been resolved.
  • Blocked traffic for Java applications. ​ETP Client​ blocked traffic for Java-based applications. This issue has been resolved.


Currently, ​ETP Client​ does not support QUIC, a transport protocol used by HTTP/3. As a result, ​ETP Client​ cannot intercept HTTP/3 traffic. QUIC support is expected in an upcoming release.