Feb 13, 2023 — Security Connector 3.4.0 now available

Security Connector 3.4.0 is now available for upgrade or download. This update includes:

  • List of Enabled or Disabled Security Connector Modes. The System Information area of the Security Connector console now indicates whether the sinkhole, DNS forwarder, and HTTP forwarder are enabled or disabled.

  • Bug Fixes. Version 3.4.0 resolves a number of issues, including these known issues:

    • Some inaccurate Traffic Stats. In version 3.2.0, Security Connector showed 0 in the Traffic Stats for Requests to Explicit Proxy, Requests to Transparent Proxy, and Rate Limit Drops. This issue has been resolved.

    • Traffic was not directed to sinkhole without a proxy certificate. In version 3.1.0, traffic was not directed to a sinkhole if the proxy certificate was not generated, or the signed intermediate certificate was not uploaded to ​SIA​. This issue has been resolved.