Dec 7, 2023 — Zero Trust Client 5.3 now available

Zero Trust Client (ZTC) 5.3 is now available. As part of this update, ​SIA​ includes these updates:

  • CSV with client inventory. You can now download a CSV from the list of clients in Enterprise Center (Clients & Connectors > Akamai Zero Trust Clients). The CSV contains the hostname of the client, status of service, client version, username, platform of client, and more.
  • Ability to coexist with VPNs and other network interfaces on Windows. In the Local Bypass Settings, you can specify the network interfaces that you don’t want directed to the Zero Trust Client when the client is enabled for transparent traffic interception on Windows. A network interface can be a VPN. You specify the hardware IDs that are associated with a network interface. To find the hardware ID, see Find the hardware ID of a network interface on Windows.
  • Automatically install the SIA Proxy certificate on Windows. In the Threat Protection service settings of Enterprise Center (Client & Connectors > Manage and Download Clients), you can now enable the Install proxy certificate on device setting to automatically install the proxy certificate on a Windows device. The certificate is installed in the Windows certificate store.
    If this setting is enabled and ​SIA​ administrators generate or upload a new proxy certificate, administrators must confirm whether they want to install the new certificate on the device.

To learn more about the ZTC 5.3 release, see the Zero Trust Client release notes.