Dec 7, 2022 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ (​SIA​) now includes these updates:

  • Device posture is now in beta. Device posture is an Enterprise Application Access (EAA) feature where administrators set the criteria that desktop and mobile devices must meet to access applications in a network. In ​SIA​, you can now apply device posture to your application and visibility control (AVC) configuration. As you define user and group exceptions for a blocked application, you can select the device risk level that must apply for users or groups to access a web application or perform an application operation. You can select a Low or a Low & Medium level. The criteria for risk levels are defined in EAA.

    To use this feature, your organization must be licensed for EAA. In ​SIA​, this feature is currently in beta. To participate in the beta, contact your ​Akamai​ representative. For more information, see Use device posture for application access.

  • Associate groups to tenants. For the multi-tenancy feature, you can now associate groups that are created in Identity and Access Management to a tenant. The groups you create must contain tenant administrators, tenant viewers, or both. You can associate the same group to multiple tenants.