Aug 25, 2022 — SIA Updates

​Secure Internet Access Enterprise​ (​SIA​) now includes these updates:

  • Custom List CSV. You can now download a CSV that contains all the domains and IP addresses in a custom list or a custom exception list.

  • AkaRank. ​Akamai​’s website ranking system, AkaRank, is now available in ​SIA​. You can use AkaRank to filter data in the DNS Summary report. The DNS Activity report also shows the AkaRank ranking list where the domain appears. AkaRank replaces Alexa data in these reports.

  • IP Address Threat Intelligence: ​SIA​ now provides intelligence on malicious IP addresses that are requested by the user or that resolve from requested domains.

    With this feature, you can:

    • See the IP address in Threat Event, Access Control, DNS Activity, and Proxy Activity reports. If the IP address is part of a CIDR block, the associated CIDR is also reported.

    • Search for a CIDR in the Indicator Search. If the CIDR is a known threat, information about the CIDR appears, including severity level, category of threat, tracking history within ​SIA​, and more.

This update also includes some minor UI improvements.