Aug 2, 2022 — ETP Client 4.3 for macOS now available

​ETP Client​ 4.3 for macOS is now available for upgrade or deployment. With this update, you can use ​ETP Client​ as a transparent proxy on macOS. When the Transparent Traffic Interception client configuration setting is enabled with the full web proxy, ​ETP Client​ uses the Apple Network Extension framework to intercept and capture traffic without modifying browser or operating system settings. ​ETP Client​ then directs DNS traffic to ​SIA​ resolvers and web traffic to ​SIA​ Proxy for scanning.

To use version 4.3 of the client, after installing or upgrading, you must allow ​ETP Client​ extensions. You can do this by accessing the Security & Privacy system preferences. In the General tab, click Allow for the ​ETP Client​ extensions. You can also open ​ETP Client​ and click Install Extensions.

The transparent traffic interception feature is currently in beta.