Apr 21, 2022 — Enterprise Threat Protector Updates

These updates are now available in ​SIA​:

  • Assign a tenant administrator to multiple tenants. If your organization uses multi-tenancy, you can now assign a tenant administrator to multiple tenants.

  • New PDF Deep Scan Report. A new deep scan report is now available in PDF format for dynamic malware analysis. You can download the PDF report from the Threat Events report in ​SIA​.

  • Okta and Azure AD SCIM Integration. ​SIA​ now lets you use System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 2.0 to provision users and user group memberships from Okta and Azure Activity Directory (AD). SCIM is now available as a directory type in ​SIA​.

  • Set Default Dashboard. You can set the default dashboard that appears when administrators access the Dashboard page in Enterprise Center.

  • Set Default Contract. If your organization has more than one contract associated with their account, you can set the contract that appears by default when accessing Enterprise Center.