Apr 13, 2022 — ETP Client 4.1 now available

​ETP Client​ 4.1 is now available for installation. With this update, you can now use ​ETP Client​ as a transparent proxy on Windows 10 (64-bit version) and Windows 11. A new Transparent traffic interception option is available in the ​ETP Client​ Configuration page of Enterprise Center. When this setting is enabled with the full web proxy, ​ETP Client​ intercepts and captures traffic without modifying browser or operating system settings. ​ETP Client​ then directs DNS traffic to ​SIA​ resolvers and web traffic to ​SIA​ Proxy for scanning.

The transparent traffic interception feature is currently in beta.


The ability to automatically upgrade to ​ETP Client​ 4.1 is currently not functioning. To test or use this version, you must manually download it from ​SIA​ and install it on end user machines.