Review zone history

Use the Zone history page to review information about a zone's active version and its change history.

  1. On the ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč, go to ‚ėį > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS.

  2. On the Zone list page, click the zone that you want history about.
    The Edit zone page opens.

  3. Click Zone history.
    The Zone history page opens. Use this page to:

    • Compare an inactive version with the active version. From the inactive version's Actions menu, select Compare with active version.
    • Compare two versions. Select the checkboxes next to the versions that you want to compare and click Compare versions.
    • Activate a different version. From the Actions menu of the version that you want to activate, click Make version active. You must add a change comment and click Activate for the activation to start. The activation propagates immediately.
    • Primary zones only: Download the version in master file format. From the zone's Actions menu, select Download zone file.

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