Jul 18,2022 — Edge Diagnostics improvements

The latest update for Edge Diagnostics include:

  • Users can submit cURL request for all hostnames and URLs.
  • URLs are scanned for potentially malicious extensions: .exe, .scr, .pdf, .vbs, .rtf, .doc, .xls, .com, .bat, .cmd, .msi, .bin, .sh, .deb, .sh, .deb, .rpm, .tar, .sys, and .dll .
  • For URLs with potentially malicious extensions, the response body has 0 bytes.
  • Response body is fetched only for allowed content-type: text/html, text/plain, text/xml, application/json, and application/xml.
  • CURL submission is subjected to time-out of 30 seconds and rate-limit.

Also, the Diagnostic Tools UI is now discontinued and replaced with Edge Diagnostics.