DataStream migration guide

Get to know how to migrate your streams from DataStream 1 to DataStream 2 using the automated migration feature in the DataStream application or the DataStream 2 API. Make sure to migrate your streams before DataStream 1 is discontinued.

Before migrating your streams to DataStream 2, see the Key differences topic to compare DataStream 1 with DataStream 2, and learn about the enhancements in DataStream 2 to make sure that it meets your data delivery requirements. You can also check the DataStream release notes to stay up to date on new features.

How to migrate to DataStream 2

When you are ready to proceed with the migration, reach out to your account team to get DataStream 2 enabled in the Akamai Marketplace. If you don’t have access to the Marketplace, reach out to your Akamai sales representative.

Once you have DataStream 2 added to your account, you can migrate the stream using the migration wizard in the DataStream application or the DataStream 2 API. You can enable DataStream 2 alongside DataStream 1 to ensure uninterrupted data flow, but we recommend disabling your DataStream 1 streams eventually. See Migrate a stream to DataStream 2.