Sep 4, 2023 – S3-compatible destination support, new upload metrics and data set fields

  • Starting now, you can choose an S3-compatible endpoint as the destination to send log data in the DataStream application and the DataStream 2 API. See Stream logs to an S3-compatible destination in the user guide for details.
  • We have introduced the Uploads/Errors metric to the DataStream dashboard. You can use it to check the number log files DataStream uploaded to the configured destination over the last 24 hours.
  • You can log the new Time to first byte data field from the Network performance data data set for better insights into the traffic on your property. See Data set parameters for the complete list of data set fields currently available in DataStream 2.
  • When choosing the log format in DataStream 2, you can now choose Tab as the delimiter for the Structured logs format (previously only space was available). 

Other updates:

  • The custom HTTPS destination now supports the application/json; charset-utf-8 content type in custom headers.