Aug 29, 2022 — Stream ID and stream version as variables, stream ID as a data set, Postman collection available

  • Upload paths and log filename prefixes for object-based destinations now support the stream ID and stream version as variables. You can use this feature to group logs depending on the stream that gathers them. See Dynamic variables for details.

  • Stream ID is also the new data set field you can log in your stream for improved troubleshooting and sorting log files at your destination. Check Data set parameters for the complete list of data set fields you can log in DataStream 2.

  • The DataStream team has informed the Akamai account teams about customers with expiring feature entitlements, the impact on their streams, and possible next steps. If you wish to renew the entitlements, or want to check the status of your contract, please reach to your Akamai account team.

Other updates:

  • When migrating the stream from DataStream 1, you can log the Download Time, Net Origin Latency, and HTTP Version fields as other fields in your new stream. Check Data set fields in DataStream 2.

  • The DataStream 2 API v2 Postman collection (beta) is now available! Try the API, build workflows, and stay on top of development changes.

You can find a Postman button for each operation in the DataStream 2 API v2 section
of TechDocs. Or access the full collection in Akamai's Postman Workspace.

Not familiar with Postman? Learn how to use collections.