Oct 17, 2023 — DigiCert site seal replaces Norton site seal

On Oct 17, 2023 DigiCert will automatically replace the Norton site seal image with the DigiCert site seal image wherever it appears on websites with Akamai-managed Organization-validated (OV) or Extended-validated (EV) certificates. This change is automatic and no action is required.

For best results, upgrade any static Norton seals or DigiCert seals to the enhanced DigiCert Smart Seal. The DigiCert Smart Seal includes dynamic animation and can be customized with a company logo and organization information. The DigiCert Smart Seal is included with every Akamai-managed OV or EV certificate issued by DigiCert. Instructions for installation can be found in the DigiCert Guest Access portal. See "Site Seal Instructions" in the Actions menu in the CPS user interface.