Mar 28, 2024 – Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) for CPS certificates

The CPS user interface and API now give you the option to enable delivery of your client-to-edge traffic using FedRAMP and FIPS-140-2 compliant cryptographic functions. When you enable FIPS mode for your certificates, the Akamai network will present only the FIPS 140-2 validated ciphers within the selected cipher profile to connecting clients. Public and private key pair generation in CPS , after March 1, 2024, always uses FIPS 140-2 validated functions.

For details on enabling FIPS for your certificates, see Select network settings and CPS API.


To ensure end-to-end FIPS-validated traffic on Akamai’s network for the property and applications that require FIPS certification, you need to enable this setting in Property Manager. For assistance, contact your Akamai support team.