July 20, 2022 — ECDSA+RSA dual-stack for third-party certificates

Akamai now supports both ECDSA and RSA keys for all new and existing third-party certificates provisioned in Certificate Provisioning System (CPS). ECDSA+RSA "dual-stack" capability has been available for Akamai-managed OV and EV certificates since 2017 and is now available for all third-party certificates. This free upgrade is available for Standard TLS and Enhanced TLS hostnames, and is supported in all geographies and regions where Akamai delivers secure traffic. No additional contract line items or entitlements are required.

ECDSA+RSA dual-stack is not a requirement. Users can provision third-party certificates as ECDSA-only, RSA-only, or ECDSA+RSA. If both key types are provisioned, the Akamai edge network will present and negotiate the best one to use with connecting clients, and prefers ECDSA due to its superior performance over RSA. No additional configuration is required. Akamai encourages all customers to move to ECDSA certificates where possible.

See ECDSA+RSA dual-stack for third-party certificates for more details.