Mar 3, 2023 — Grids on Akamai Connected Cloud and bug fixes

The latest CloudTest release includes the following feature and bug fixes:


  • Enable grids to run on Akamai Connected Cloud (Linode).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed and issue with Maestros running with High CPU
  • Fixed a NumberFormatException issue with the Jenkins Plugin on Multi-User Comps
  • Fixed a Rename Dialog Error: Undefined key
  • Fixed an issue with AWS EIPs not being tagged when requested through CloudTest Main
  • Fixed an issue with Custom AMIs for launching Mains with white space in the custom AMI field which caused deployment failures.
  • Fixed an issue with RSDB - NullPointer exception for CloudType Main
  • Fixed an issue where TLS policy prohibited the ability to add an Azure CPA Service Principal to a CloudTest instance