Dec 12, 2023 — Enhancements and bug fixes

The latest CloudTest release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Q4 security patching of cloud images
  • Support for new regions in AWS, Google, Azure, and Linode
  • Removed unsupported Server Types from CloudTest
  • Removed legacy super classes for unsupported cloud providers
  • Added ability to deploy RSDBs with AWS private AMIs

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Missing data on the Results details dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with Components mismatch when playing back a clip
  • Fixed an issue with an Access Denied error generated when downloading results
  • Fixed an issue with an automatic update of conductor failing
  • Fixed an issue with the Installer proceeding with missing arguments
  • Fixed an issue with opening results with encrypted seed data causing multiple password prompts
  • Fixed an issue with an "Exceeded maximum licensed virtual users" message generated when the license has not been exceeded
  • Resolved an issue with broken links to the Support Forum in the CloudTest UI
  • Resolved an issue with appending or overwriting encrypted seed data
  • Resolved CVE-2022-31197 via component updates
  • Fixed an issue with Linode Grids immediately failing
  • Resolved an issue allocating SPOT instances on AWS
  • Resolved an issue with OnPrem upgrades via Chrome not updating the progress dialog
  • Fixed an issue with "Time Filters - Between" not working in Chrome
  • Resolved an issue with Seed Data object closer taking 3 attempts to close what scrolling data
  • Resolved an issue with Linode grids showing an incorrect server count

Please note that the Network Emulation feature for AWS is currently disabled.