Aug 5, 2020 — General Availability release

The CloudTest 60 GA Release includes the following updates:

  • Asynchronous updates for global properties.
  • Split by HTTP protocol for targets/tests - The option to view target data for both HTTP and HTTP2, independently.
  • Annotations for all widgets. These annotations can mark events in time, and can be commented on.
  • Test Results Query API - Can be used to retrieve data generated by Cloud Test.
  • Results Management API - Can be used to clean up unnecessary results.
  • Added new cloud locations as follows: AWS: Hong Kong. Stockholm. Added new M5 server type to CloudTest grids. Azure: eastus2, westus2, francecentral, southafricanorth, uaenorth, eu-west–1 GCE: us-west2, europe-west6, europe-north1, asia-east2
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
    Upgrading from CloudTest 57/58 to CloudTest 60 may take a significant amount of time due to our upgrade to the Postgres10 DMBS. The time taken will vary and is dependent on the number of results on the customer’s system. Use the Results Management API to remove unnecessary results before migrating to CloudTest 60 to reduce the time it takes to update.