April 25, 2021 — Features, enhancements, bug fixes

The latest update for CloudTest includes the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • Introducing Reserved IP Addresses for Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
  • Introducing the Results Service Debug Metric Widget. This widget can be used to help diagnose issues with widget queries, dashboard update delays and insufficient memory issues


  • Allow compositions to be run in preview mode from REST API
  • Add database settings to be returned by server management REST API
  • Introduce update notification in the “Home” page when a user logs in and the system is (3) GA builds behind current
  • Security update for Azure resources
  • Security update for GCE resources
  • Enable private hostnames

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed truncated URL when “//” exists in HAR import
  • Fixed issue in Postgres database setting
  • Fixed issue with HTTP2 headers in HAR Conversion
  • Resolved issue with monitor data image export stopping report generation
  • Fixed issue with CSVDataSet in JMeter scripts
  • Resolved issue with disabled JMeter test elements being applied
  • Resolved issue with imported Seed data column names in JMeter UI
  • Fixed an issue with JSON string validation
  • Fixed an issue with invalid licenses