Set up the waiting room page (EdgeWorkers)

Set up a waiting room page to use with your Virtual Waiting Room. This procedure uses NetStorage, but your waiting room page can be served from any origin, and path.


For Virtual Waiting Room, you can store the waiting room page and its assets in NetStorage or in the root directory of your choice. Any type of origin may be used, including the property’s default origin as long as the Akamai Edge server can forward the request and it is accessible to your visitors.

This procedure also provides the link to the Akamai waiting room template.

How to

  1. Download the waiting room template from github.

  2. Edit the waiting room page template file; vwr-waiting-room.html. You can also rename this file.
    Visitors entering the waiting room see their eta and status.

    • eta: Estimated timestamp (in milliseconds) defining when the visitor should be allowed to enter the Origin site.
    • Statuses:
      • estimating. Virtual Waiting Room is calculating eta, which can change substantially, depending on the traffic.
      • waiting. The visitor is still waiting to access the Origin site, the eta can change if other visitors leave the queue or when the Origin Limit is changed.
      • allowed. The visitor is able to enter the Origin site, the page refreshes automatically.
  3. Save your changes.

  4. In your NetStorage root directory, add a directory called VWRs.

  5. Upload the template and assets to the vwr-1 directory for example.

  6. If you want to set up multiple waiting rooms, create multiple vwr directories.
    For example: