Review Virtual Waiting Room setup tasks with EdgeWorkers scripts

Before you begin

Before you can configure Virtual Waiting Room, make sure you:

  1. Add EdgeWorkers to your contract.

  2. Create an EdgeWorker ID to enable the EdgeWorkers behavior in your ​​Akamai​ property configuration.

  3. Create a new property in Property Manager or have an existing property.

  4. Purchase Virtual Waiting Room. If you don't have it, contact your account team to learn more about purchase options.

Browser support

These are the recommended browsers for setting up the Virtual Waiting Room HTML page:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari

How to

These steps provide a general overview on how to configure Virtual Waiting Room with EdgeWorkers. Details for each step are provided on the pages that follow.

  1. Review user-defined variables for Virtual Waiting Room with EdgeWorkers. These variables are used in the EdgeWorkers script.

  2. In EdgeWorkers:

    1. Create EdgeWorkers scripts for Virtual Waiting Room.
      • Create the main.js for the code bundle.
      • Deploy the code bundle.
  3. In Property Manager:

    1. Set up the waiting room page.
    2. Configure the Virtual Waiting Room behavior in Property Manager.
      • Add EdgeWorkers to the property.
      • Add Virtual Waiting Room with EdgeWorkers (Beta) to the property.
    3. Customize the waiting room and configure cache.
    4. Activate the property.