EdgeWorkers Cloudlet configurations

To get started quickly with configuring Virtual Waiting Room (Beta) using EdgeWorkers, complete these steps:

  1. Add EdgeWorkers and Virtual Waiting Room to your contract and set up the roles and permissions for your Cloudlets users.
  2. Create an EdgeWorker ID.
  3. Create a new property in Property Manager or have an existing property.
  4. Review user-defined variables for Virtual Waiting Room with EdgeWorkers. These variables are used in the EdgeWorkers script.
  5. In EdgeWorkers:
    1. Create EdgeWorkers scripts for Virtual Waiting Room.
      • Create the main.js for the code bundle.
      • Deploy the code bundle.
  6. In Property Manager:
    1. Set up the waiting room page.
    2. Configure the Virtual Waiting Room behavior in Property Manager.
      • Add EdgeWorkers to the property.
      • Add Virtual Waiting Room with EdgeWorkers to the property.
    3. Customize the waiting room and configure cache.
    4. Activate the property.