Customize the waiting room and configure cache

For blocked requests when the Origin reaches its limit, the outgoing request path and cache key is rewritten as waiting room main page requests. The Waiting Room Definition template allows you to define where your waiting room pages are served from and it allows you to configure caching.

How to

  1. Select the property and version that you added the Virtual Waiting Room behavior to.
  2. Click Add rule to create a new rule below the Default Rule.
  3. Select the Waiting Room Definition template.
  4. Click Insert Rule.
    The Waiting Room Criteria, and Behaviors are added.
  5. Set match criteria.


You can use the Virtual Waiting Room Request to match criteria to further customize the behaviors for Any Waiting Room Request, Waiting Room Main Page and Waiting Room Assets. For example, you can set the match criteria for the Waiting Room Main Page so that the page is served from one of the following: Your Origin or NetStorage.

  1. Complete the Waiting Room Definition behaviors:
  2. Click Save.

What’s Next

You have completed this setup and the property is ready to be activated.