Create policy rules

After you create the policy, you can add policy rules.

Cloudlet rules determine what Virtual Waiting Room does when an incoming request meets a set of criteria. You can use Cloudlets Policy Manager to add rules, or you can add them using a CSV file.
When there is a rule match, the Action item (THEN section) is predefined as FIFO (First In First Out). Visitors are sent to the origin in the same order they entered the waiting room.

How to
Create policy rules.

  1. On the Cloudlet Policy Manager screen, click the name of the policy you want to add rules to.

  2. On the Policy Details screen, go to the Policy Versions section and click the version you want to update, or click Create New Version.

  3. In the Rule List section, click Add Rule.

  4. Complete the fields on the Create a Rule screen:

    • Rule Name. Name your rule.

    • Always on. Select it to make sure the rule is always applied. Otherwise, define the start and end date/time for the rule.

    • Match Type. (or: the IF-section). Select the match type to use for this rule. Enter any operators or match criteria needed for the match type you choose. See available match types for Virtual Waiting Room for more information.

      Example: URL Path match type for FIFO queue:
      - select URL Path
      - select is one of
      - type the url path /summersale/*
      - select Field Options for case sensitivity and wildcards.

  5. Click the + to add another rule or click Save Rule.

  6. Review the rules in the Rule List and make changes to the order using the arrows or click ... to edit, clone or delete the rule. See Cloudlets rules for more information on rule order and considerations.

  7. Click Save Changes.