Activate the policy

After you save the rule, you need to activate the policy at the Staging network first. Once things are looking as expected, activate the policy at the Production network.

How to

To activate the Policy:

  1. Go to the Policy and click Activate Version.

  2. Click the Policy Version to Activate dropdown and select the version you want to activate.

  3. Select Staging from the Activation Network dropdown.

  4. Click Activate Version.
    While the policy is activating, it is locked for editing. Activation times can vary due to system load.
    Approximate activation times:
    - Staging network, 3-5 minutes
    - Production network, 10-15 minutes

  5. After the policy is activated in Staging, repeat the same steps for the Production network.


If a Policy is active and you need to change the Number of visitors per second or change rules, edit or create another version of the same policy and activate it.