Sep 1, 2015

Audience Segmentation: Copying Query Strings

Previously, the rule editor for the Audience Segmentation Cloudlet didn’t allow users to both provide a query string in the “Path and Query String” field, and select the “Copy Query String” check-box. This issue has been addressed: users can now specify an appropriate forward path and query string, which can also include any query string present in the original client request.

Support for Associating a Cloudlets Policy with Multiple Property Manager Properties

Associating a Cloudlet policy with multiple Property Manager properties is now more fully supported. When activating a Cloudlet policy version in the Cloudlet Policy Manager, the Activate Version screen displays all properties currently associated with the selected Cloudlet policy. In addition, you can now link additional properties to the same Cloudlet policy.

Activation Timestamps for Cloudlets

Previously, the Cloudlets application converted timestamps in a way that truncated them to midnight UTC. Additionally, the timestamps displayed showed the time at which the activation request was initiated, not the time when the policy was fully in use across the network. This issue has been resolved: timestamps now show when the policy was available across the network and are no longer being truncated.

Edge Redirector: Multiple Query String Values

Previously, if a query string match rule for Edge Redirector contained multiple query string values, the policy would match only on the first value and ignore subsequent values. Now, all possible query string values are evaluated by the policy.

Edge Redirector: Duplicate Rules with CSV Upload

Previously, if an uploaded CSV file contained rules that were already part of the policy version, the duplicate rules would be added to the policy version, and the match conditions of the existing rule would double and become advanced rules.

This issue has been fixed: if a duplicate rule is now uploaded, the duplicate rule is ignored.

Cloudlets Policy Manager: Issue Sorting Rules on Version Details Page

Previously, if a user sorted or filtered the rules listing on the Version Details page, and then edited or deleted a rule, the incorrect rule would be altered. This issue has been resolved: the selected rule is now the one that will be acted upon.

Audience Segmentation: Sending Cloudlets Rule Name to Origin

When a request triggers a rule, users of the Audience Segmentation Cloudlet can now send the name of the rule to their origin. For this option, the rule name can be sent as a value assigned to a user-specified cookie, stored in a custom HTTP header, or assigned to a query string parameter.

Edge Redirector: CSV Upload with Lower Case Geographic Code Entries

Previously, when uploading a CSV file with geographic codes, such as for country or continent, rules did not display when lower-case values were entered. This issue has been resolved: the import processor now converts these values to upper case. The CSV upload feature will continue to reject values that are not present in EdgeScape.

Input Validation Cloudlet in Beta

The Input Validation Cloudlet is being launched into beta as part of this release. This Cloudlet verifies whether required form fields and values provided by the user are well-formed and comply with your policies.

Regular Expression (Regex) Tester for Cloudlets

For the URL Regular Expression match condition, a tester is now available that allows you to validate your regular expressions against an example URL of your choosing. The tool will validate the regular expression, indicate any matches observed between the input URL and the regular expression, and display the resulting output string.
For the Edge Redirector Cloudlet, the output string will be the destination of the redirect; for the Forward Rewrite Cloudlet, the forward path requested from the origin server will be the output string.

Request Method Match Available

HTTP request method is now available as a match condition for Cloudlets rules. Supported request methods include: GET, DELETE, HEAD, POST, and PUT.

Note: For the Input Validation Cloudlet, only the GET and POST methods are available.

Additional Device Characteristics Available for Rules

The Cloudlets Device Characteristics match condition now supports the following Boolean operators:

Edge Redirector Rule Export

Edge Redirector rules can now be exported as a file containing comma-separated values (CSV). The format in which the rules are exported is also supported for import, enabling users to export rules, make bulk changes offline, and then import as a new version.

Support for Compound Query String Matches

For compound query strings that use the plus sign (+) to represent a space, the system now matches on the entire string.