Oct 1, 2015 — Edge Redirector: the CSV upload feature update

For Edge Redirector, the CSV upload feature now fully supports URL Regular Expression matches that contain the “&” (ampersand) character.

A cloudlet issue changes version notes of existing and new version.

Previously, when a cloning a policy version, any changes made to the version notes would display for both the newly-cloned version, as well as the version it was cloned from. This issue has been resolved in this release.

For Edge Redirector, when you download a policy file in CSV format, the name of the file now includes the policy name instead of the account ID.

For Edge Redirector, the CSV upload and download features now fully support the Request Header and Request Method match types.

The URL Regular Expression match now allows named capture groups, which allow you to refer back to more than nine capture groups in the forward settings.

When using named capture groups, use the following syntax before the regular expression (regex): (?Pregex). For the substitution string use \g{name} instead of \1, \2.

On the Policy Details screen, the correct user now displays in the Last Editor column for each version.

Previously, when versions were modified, the last editor of the whole policy displayed.

Once a Cloudlets origin is saved in property configuration within Property Manager, it is now visible in the Cloudlets Origin field within the Cloudlets Policy Manager.

Previously, Cloudlets origins were only visible once that property was activated on either the staging or the production network.

The list tables on the Cloudlet Policy and Policy Details pages now expand to display all records.

Scrolling is no longer required.