Nov 1, 2015

Copy Query String Validation Issue

Previously, for the Forward Rewrite and Audience Segmentation Cloudlets, if the Copy Query String field was enabled, validation failures occurred and the rule could not be saved. This issue has been resolved.

Edge Redirector Cloudlet: Regular Expression Validation

The regular expression validation for the Edge Redirector Cloudlet now accepts the latest set of Top-Level Domains (TLDs) such as .tokyo. Previously, the validator rejected these TLDs as invalid.

IP/Geo Access Cloudlet Name Change

The IP/Geo Access Cloudlet has been renamed. It is now called the Request Control Cloudlet.

Access to the Version Details Page

When you create a new policy or version, or edit an existing policy or version, the Cloudlets Policy Manager automatically brings you to the Version Details page so you can enter rules.

Last Editor Column for Cloned Versions

On the Policy Details screen in Cloudlets Policy Manager, the correct user name now displays in the Last Editor column after cloning a new version. Previously, the editor of the version that was cloned displayed.

Availability of Cloudlets Origins

When selecting a Cloudlets Origin for a rule in Cloudlets Policy Manager, a Cloudlets Origin will be unavailable if the Allow Cloudlets Origins behavior is disabled in its associated Property Manager rule.

Start Dates and End Dates

In Cloudlets Policy Manager you can now define a rule with either a start date or an end date. Previously, both date fields were required when creating a time-bound rule.