Mar 9, 2018 — VP, ALB, and Cloudlets URL path match delimiters update

Cloudlets URL path match delimiters

The Cloudlets URL path match type no longer supports commas as delimiters. This change was required because a comma is a valid path character. It does not affect existing rules.

Application Load Balancer: Setting the cookie domain

With this release, you can now set the cookie domain to use for your Application Load Balancer configuration.

Application Load Balancer: Adaptive Media Delivery support

Application Load Balancer is now available for Adaptive Media Delivery properties.

Application Load Balancer: Liveness tests for cloud service data centers

If your load balancing configuration includes a cloud service-based data center, you can now use the data center’s hostname as the host header for liveness tests.

Visitor Prioritization: Waiting rooms not displaying as expected

Previously, some waiting rooms did not display as expected. This release fixes this issue.

Visitor Prioritization: Add variable support to the waiting room path

With this release, you can now use the values of Property Manager variables to assemble the path to a waiting room page.