Apr 1, 2016

Rule upload and download now available for the Forward Rewrite Cloudlet.

You can now upload and download Forward Rewrite rules using a CSV file. For information on the rule syntax, refer to the Cloudlets on-line help or the available Forward Rewrite documentation.

Support Proxy on all cloudlets

Previously, the Proxy match type did not work as expected for all Cloudlets. This release fixes this issue.

A Proxy match allows you to match on whether the incoming IP address is acting as an anonymous proxy or a transparent proxy. Anonymous proxy servers hide the originating IP address, while transparent proxy servers include the originating IP address value in the X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header. The edge platform determines which type of proxy the IP address is acting as.

Warnings when deleting a Cloudlets policy version

Different warnings now display when you delete a Cloudlets policy version that is active on a network, and when you delete a policy version that is not currently active.

Viewing truncated policy names on the Cloudlet Policies screen

In the Policy Name column on the Cloudlets Policies screen, you can now hover over truncated policy names to view the full name. Truncated policy names display with an ellipsis at the end.

Disabling rules in a Cloudlets policy version

You can now temporarily disable a rule in a Cloudlets policy version. To do this, select Disable, and click Save Rule on the Edit a Rule screen. On the Version Details screen click Save Changes.

When a rule is disabled, it always evaluates to false.

Activation status changes on the Policy Details page

On the Policy Details page, the version list table now displays the full time stamp of the last activation event. The table no longer displays the user name of the person who activated the version on the network.