Historical Multi CDN reports

Cloud Wrapper reports provide a visual view of Cloud Wrapper cache space and offload performance. These reports provide an end-to-end analysis of offload from edge to origin. You can use these reports to identify the effectiveness of your Cloud Wrapper configurations. When you're in the Cloud Wrapper Reports UI, you can change reports by clicking the feature selector drop-down available at the top left of the page as shown:

View a report

  • Open the application. Go to ‚ėį > ORIGIN SERVICES > Cloud Wrapper > Reports.

This report dashboard provides a historical view of your Multi CDN configuration with respect to hits, volume, and responses over a period of time. Use it to see how Cloud Wrapper performs with each CDN in your configuration.

The "Hits/sec" widget

Set up a filter for report output

To generate report data for viewing, use the Filters panel to set your desired filters.

  • Date Range. Click the date range field and determine a range of time you want for report data. See Set the data/time range for a report for more information.
  • Cloud Wrapper Config. This identifies the Cloud Wrapper configuration to generate the report for.

Modify your filters

You can filter the data to isolate it by specific parameters.

Click the filter icon (). The available filters vary based on the specific report.

Learn about about how you can manage data in your reports.