Monitor bot activity

After you set protections, use reporting to track their effectiveness. You want to understand what portion of all requests come from bots. What type of bots are they? Is Bot Manager detecting them properly? If so, what’s the operator’s goal, and how does each bot operate?

Bot Manager offers an assortment of reports to help you understand your specific issues, and see how well your Bot Manager settings are working. Use this data to tune your settings, and make sure you’re not blocking legitimate users by mistake.

Among many other views, you can:

  • See an overview of bot vs. human traffic
    Bot spike

  • See what pages on your site bots are targeting. They may skip fluff like images and style sheets, which human requests include. Instead, bots may go directly to a transactional page, like search.

  • Drill down to investigate a specific bot. For example, see if it’s attacking only you or others in your industry.

    View of requests on your site, industry, and all industries

    Even see how others handled the same bot.

    Actions Applied

  • View the effect of your protections. For example, with a protected resource in monitor mode you see both bots and humans submitting failed login requests:

    Chart showing reported failures

    After you set action to deny, bots are cut out and only human tries get through:

    Chart showing failed human requests

For details on reports and setup, read the full Bot Manager online help (login required).