This API uses deployment actions to manage your property hostnames lifecycle on China CDN. See the API workflow for details on using these actions:

  • Allowlist. Enables your property hostname on China CDN. At this stage, the property hostname isn't mapped to the provided edge hostname on China CDN. If you want to optimize performance of your web site or application in China, activate your property hostname.

  • Activate. If you chose to only whitelist your property hostname when you started the deployment process, and now you want to map the property hostname to improve performance in China, you can activate it to start the mapping process. When mapping completes, the property hostname's provisionState changes to PROVISIONED.

  • Deactivate. If you chose to provision your property hostname and it now appears with the provisioned status, you can choose deactivate it to unmap the property hostname, but still keep it whitelisted. You lose the performance benefits of activation, but your property hostname remains available in China. When deactivation completes, the property hostname's provisionState changes to WHITELISTED.

  • Deprovision. If you chose to activate your property hostname and its provisionState is PROVISIONED, you can unmap the property hostname, and remove it from the whitelist. When deprovision completes, the property hostname's provisionState changes to DEPROVISIONED. If you deprovision a property hostname which is only whitelisted, the API dewhitelists the hostname.