This API responds with JSON objects that provide details useful for debugging.

  "detail": "HTTP method PUT isn't allowed. Allowed methods: [POST].",
  "status": 405,
  "title": "The HTTP method isn't allowed.",
  "type": "/chinacdn/problem-types/method-not-allowed",
  "unsupportedMethod": "PUT",
  "allowedMethods": [

This example shows a response for an unsupported application/json media type. This API uses a system of versioned objects, and the error response shows the available set of media type values you can specify in Accept and Content-Type headers.

  "type": "/chinacdn/problem-types/media-type-not-acceptable",
  "title": "Couldn't find acceptable representation.",
  "status": 406,
  "detail": "Couldn't find acceptable representation. Allowed media types: [application/;charset=UTF-8].",
  "instance": "/chinacdn/problem-types/media-type-not-acceptable?r=-2928080858679738339",
  "unsupportedMediaType": "application/json",
  "allowedMediaTypes": [

For details on information contained in the error responses, refer to Error response syntax.