Like ChinaCDN Manager in Akamai Control Center, this API lets you manage the lifecycle and monitor the status of your property hostnames on Akamai's ChinaCDN. For details on how to get started with the ChinaCDN Manager interface, see the Welcome to ChinaCDN Manager.

The ChinaCDN Manager API offers a programmatic interface that automates how customers create, maintain, and provision property hostnames for use on Akamai's ChinaCDN platform. Due to Chinese government requirements, the provisioning process involves approval from Akamai's China partners. The API lets you view the compliance information submitted for this approval.

Due to Chinese government requirements, Akamai's China partners might begin to request more compliance information to provision your property hostnames. Depending on the particular data collected, this API captures that information and includes it as extra data members in the response.