View property hostname details

You can view the details for any of your property hostnames by clicking the Property hostnames tab and selecting a property hostname in the left pane. This information appears in the right pane:

  • Status. Displays as:

    • Deprovisioned. Your property hostname is disabled.

    • Not ready for provisioning. It is disabled and does not have all the information ready to provision it.

    • Ready for provisioning. It is disabled but has all the information ready to provision it, and you only need to start provisioning.

    • Whitelisted. The property hostname is allowed, but the edge hostname is not mapped in China.

    • Pending. It is in the process of provisioning, deprovisioning, pending activation, or pending deactivation.

  • Service category. Lists the service category for your web site. For example, if it is a shopping website where people purchase goods, that appear here.

  • ICP number. Lists the ICP number.



If you see Redacted when viewing the Property Hostnames next to the ICP number or ICP holding entity, it appears because China CDN Manager tracks ownership of property hostnames, ICP numbers, and ICP holding entities independently. Each are part of a combination of account and contract type (for example Direct or Indirect contract type) and together they constitute current access context. Redacted occurs when the ICP number associated with a property hostname, or the ICP holding entity associated with an ICP Number, belong to a different context (different account or contract type than the one you are in) but are referenced in a property hostname or ICP number.
In addition, it is possible for a property hostnames, ICP number, and ICP holding entity to be in under the same account but have different contract types. This results in Redacted appearing in place of the corresponding ICP license or ICP holding entity in the Details section of the property hostname.

  • ICP holding entity. Lists an ICP holding entity.

  • China CDN mapped (detected). Displays whether or not your detected property hostname is mapped in China.


Currently, China CDN Manager cannot automatically manage edge hostname mapping for some DNS zones. In the cases where automatic edge hostname management is not supported by the China CDN Manager, if a property hostname is marked Whitelisted, and you also see China CDN mapped (detected): Yes, it means the property hostname is actually provisioned in China on the live network.

  • Edge hostname (detected). Displays the edge hostname that China CDN actually detected and mapped to this property hostname.

  • Edge hostname (provided). Displays the edge hostname that you entered. This may not be the edge hostname that China CDN Manager detected and mapped to this property hostname.


Mapping a property hostname to a shared edge hostname

This assigns a deprovision policy to the property hostname. You can click Edit to change the policy from the modal. See Deprovision policies for shared edge hostnames for more information on deprovision policy options.

  • CNC status. This is your ChinaNetCenter status. ChinaNetCenter is a leading content delivery network, internet data center and cloud solution provider from China.

    • Provisioned. Your property hostname is enabled with ChinaNetCenter.

    • Pending provisioning. It is enabled but not provisioned.

    • Deprovisioned. It is disabled.

    • Pending deprovisioning. Deprovisioning is in process.

    • Whitelisted. It is inactive.

    • Pending whitelisting. It is inactive but waiting for being added to the allowlist.

    • Pending activation. It is in the process of mapping.

    • Pending deactivation. It is in the process of unmapping.

    • Pending edge hostname change. The edge hostname is in the process of change.

    • Not yet provisioned. It is in the process of provisioning.

  • Groups. Displays all groups that have access to this property hostname.

  • Comments. Displays any comments you entered about this property hostname.