Open the Dashboard

Before you begin

To open the China CDN Manager, your account must have a contract with China CDN enabled, and you must have at least a read-only role granted on one of the groups associated with the account.

In ​Akamai Control Center​, open the dashboard and get a quick summary of the status of your hostnames on the China CDN.

How to

  1. Go to > CDN > China CDN.

    The China CDN Manager dashboard opens. You can start to manage your property hostnames, ICP numbers, and ICP holding entities. Click the corresponding tabs or buttons for easy access to these items.


    By default, China CDN Manager lets you manage hostnames and compliance information, such as the ICP holding entity and ICP license, available for your account and contract type without any filtering. Use the Always filter by group option at the top of the page to filter your property hostnames and compliance information based on the group selected in the Group selector.

  2. Click Manage ICP holding entities to get started with setting up an ICP holding entity.

Next steps

Go to Add or edit an ICP holding entity to learn more about setting up an ICP holding entity.