Deprovision a property hostname

If you chose to provision your property hostname and it now appears with the provisioned status, you can choose deprovision to unmap the property hostname, and remove it from the allowlist. When deprovision completes, the status of the property hostname changes to deprovisioned. If you deprovision a property hostname which is only allowlisted, China CDN Manager de-allowlists the hostname.


Mapping a property hostname to a shared edge hostname

This assigns a deprovision policy to the property hostname. This deprovision policy impacts if and how your property hostname is deprovisioned.
See Deprovision policies for shared edge hostnames for more information on deprovision policy options.
Also, deprovisioning the property hostname does not unmap the edge hostname from it, but instead removes it from the allowlist. This might result in denial of service if the property hostname remains CNAMEd to the shared edge hostname.

How to

  1. Select the provisioned property hostname you want to deprovision the Property hostnames page. You can select Provisioned in the Status field to search for all of your provisioned property hostnames.

  2. Select Deprovision in the More () menu.

  3. Click Submit.