Deactivate a property hostname

Before you begin

If you chose to provision your property hostname and it now appears with the provisioned status, you can choose to deactivate it to unmap the property hostname, but still keep it allowlisted. You lose the performance benefits of activation, but your property hostname remains available in China. When deactivation completes, the status of the property hostname changes to allowlisted.


If you mapped the property hostname to a shared edge hostname, there will be a deprovision policy assigned to it. This deprovision policy impacts if and how your property hostname is deactivated.
See Deprovision policies for shared edge hostnames for more information on deprovision policy options.

How to

  1. Select the provisioned property hostname you want to deactivate on the Property hostnames page. You can select Provisioned in the Status field to search for all of your provisioned property hostnames.

  2. Select Deactivate in the More () menu.

  3. Click Submit.